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Losing Nemo


 Art Director,  Storyboard Artist, Character Animator


Mr. Lee / was asked to produce a short animation to improve awareness of the substantial environmental danger of overconsuming sea live to a broad online audience. Emphising the links between the fish industry, consumers and political lobbyist.

I worked on the art direction, visually overseeing character and set development and worked on the storyboard. I worked in a large team of creatives on this pro-bono initiative, for about 3 months.




Client:  The Black Fish

Directed by: Douwe van de Werf


2D/3D animated short 6'55"


You can watch the film Vimeo here.

Popping the dream

The mission for this project was to inform the public, companies and institutions of the dire strain (over)fishing the oceans has on the ecosystem. Instead of just presenting dry data on this, we tried to make it felt. By on one hand present the idealised idea many still have about the ocean and fishing, and then also give a sense of what fishing on an industrial scale stands for.

The dark side of the coin

For the reality of large industrial scale fishing we tried to show how indifferent and removed the practices can be, and how horrific it must be from the perspective of ocean life.

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