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Fox and Hare


Set Designer


The Fox and Hare animated series is based on the popular Dutch illustrated children books by writer Sylvia Vanden Heede and illustrator The Tjong-Khing. 

For the animated series the original pen and watercolour style illustrations was adapted to a three dimensional style - a hybrid between clay models and 3D computer animation. I was tasked to adapt the visual style from the books and design sets that work the animated series needs.


2018 (release 1st season 26x11')


Producers: Submarine (NL) / Walking the Dog (BE)

Directors: Mascha Halberstad & Tom van Gestel


3D animated series for television


You can watch the seasons trailer here on Vimeo

From book to film

The Tjong-Kings illustrations for Fox and Hare are wonderful. But places, like the burrow they live in, look a little bit different in each book they appear in. It was my challenge to make 'definite' versions for the animation - and give them more depth and light - something the 3D artist at the animation studio pushed even further.

Night and day

Another fun design challenge for this series was that a lot action plays at different times of day. So I made a lot of different light designs for various sets on the show.

Top views

For the 3D modellers it was important to really get a sense of the layout of the various sets in the series. So I spend quite some time designing top views and do this as carefully as possible.

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