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De Wraak van Knor (working title)


Art Director, Set Designer


'De Wraak Van Knor' (working title) is a feature length stop motion animated film directed by Masha Halberstad and is currently in production. It tells the gripping story of a girl who really wants to have a puppy but ends up with a piglet instead that her grandad seems too keen on to feed big...

I was asked to design Moppel (the fictional Dutch town it's set and the many sets the action takes place. My humble sketches were a blueprint for the many brilliant miniature builders on the production. Here are a few samples of my work on the project.


2019-2020 (concept / pre production) possible 2022 cinema release


Producer Viking Film, Director Masha Halberstad


Stop motion animated feature film

Backyard design

A big challenge was to design the house and garden of protagonist.

It should feel particular Dutch without being touristy.

Butcher Shop design

It's always fun to work on set designs that are somehow threatening.

In this film there is a butcher's shop that should give some creepy vibes.

Dog training field design

A sober 80's build sports clubhouse next to a river dike. It doesn't get more Dutch then this. I had lot's of fun thinking up all the little details that make it really sell it - like the bike parking space and the bland office like sunscreens behind the windows.

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