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Dr. Panda 


 Art Director, Production Designer


Dr. Panda the 3D animated series is based on the popular educational children's app series Dr. Panda. In every 7 minute episode Dr. Panda takes on a job or task and is helped out by his friends.


Together with a great creative team in the Netherlands, Malaysia, China and Great Britain I worked on the world of the series as its art director and production designer. 


2019 1st season 39x7"

2nd season currently in production


Executive producer:  Lin Yan

Directed by Patrick Chin & Wip Vernooij, Created by: Daan Velsink, based on the games of Dr. Panda Ltd.


3D animated animation series


You can watch a few of the 3D episodes on the Dr Panda Toto Time Youtube channel.

Designing Dr P.'s world

The main challenge on this project was to build the world. His home, the homes of his friends, the streets, the shops, the mall, the museum, etc - it all had to be designed from scratch for this production. Here are some examples from the first season.

Size matters

The characters in the show have heads close to half of their total height. Their hands are huge. Everything needs to be super clear and functional for the young pre-school demographic. I spend a lot of time making a style bible for the show, here are some examples from prop design.

Diner story

Every set design goes through quite some phases and a lot of hands touch it before the finish line. I usually do the rough design, Anna Engels the final designs, then there's talented 3D artists at Giggle animation in Malaysia that push it to final set assets. Here's one example.

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