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De Tand Des Tijds


Managing Art Director, Concept Artist


De Tand Des Tijds (2019) is a feature length 2D animation made for Dutch television by Ka-Ching Animation in Rotterdam.

It's a story about a boy trying to rescue his history teacher father in a time travel frenzy all set in a visually quite unique style developed by the project's principal production designer Jelle Gijsberts.

I was hired as managing art director to work with Jelle and the directors to put the style into a practical set of visual rules and manage a team of layout- and background artists during production.


2017-2018 ( production) 2019 release on Dutch tv


Producer Ka-Ching Animation, Directors Erik Verkerk & Joost van der Bosch


2D animated feature-length film for television


You can watch the whole film on here.

(Only from the Netherlands though)

Shape language

The main challenge on this project was to get into the head of the principal designer and make an expansive style guide and start to design sets myself for the production using these very set of rules.

Tying places together

Quite a lot of time I spend being the link between the boards and the final designs made by Jelle and the background team. Here are some examples.

Colour design

I was also responsible for the colour palette of the film - with 18 locations, some in the present day, some in the past, some in the fantasy of the protagonist, a good colour strategy was pretty important for the film to read well.

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